Today is Friday ,at least for me. Finally

Today is Friday ,at least for me. Finally a day off. To celebrate this I went and did some sissy shopping for myself. I tried a different store in orangevale I had not ever been to. I never went there because It looked to me like a preppy couples porn store with cute gifts and very vanilla toys. Well I was very wrong. This place had every toy I have ever seen online, and some really sexy lingerie.Fluffy panties nightgowns, corsets and all kinds of bondage stuff and a giant selection of remote control toys.The frustrating part, unfortunately was the place got busy and the cashier kept following me and asking questions. So I didn’t get anything there but I will go back for sure. Instead I went to my regular sex shop and got me some fun stuff. I needed a new wig the one I had before was so ling it got in the way of anything I was doing it was pretty and I like it but I needed something for versatile and comfortable. It’s a blond medium length straight cropped look. Really cute. I also found a inexpensive cock cage and got that. Got some more stockings and panties to. The big purchase was a short wedding type dress it is so cool all the lace and embroidery, it’s got a built in slip\petticoat. I really love the swishyness of petticoats they feel so feminine. It’s timee to get off the computer and begin my sissy time.


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